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International Buyers Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Julaz Properties on July 11, 2018

A recent study from the National Association of REALTORS®, show that 35 percent of REALTORS® have seen an increase in the number international buyers in commercial real estate. Nearly one-fifth of REALTORS® practicing in commercial real estate recently completed a sale with an international client. The majority of these buyers come from China (20 percent), followed by Mexico (11 percent) and Canada (8 percent). The top destination to purchase commercial real estate is Florida, with 20 percent of foreign buyers’ investment. The next most popular pace is Texas at 16 percent and California at 13 percent.

Story Springboard:

Read NAR’s 2018 Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends report for more information on the commercial real estate market. Talk to a foreign commercial buyer about his or her reasons for purchasing property in the United States. Speak with a REALTOR® who has recently worked with a foreign client about any unique challenges or requirements that arise when buying internationally.

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