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Treasure Garden and Park Estate is a community with everything in one place – nature, convenience and recreation – and a clear vision to create a fulfilling life experience for all. Located in Agaye, Ojo LGA, Lagos State, Nigeria

The Land is free from government acquisition and adverse claim.

a) Outright Payment (0-3 Months) – ₦ 5, 500, 000

b) 6 months plan – ₦ 5, 800, 000
Initial Deposit: ₦ 2,800,000
₦3,000,000 Spread Over Six Months

c) 12 months- ₦6, 000,000
Initial Deposit: ₦ 3,000,000
₦3,000,000 Spread Over Twelve Months

f) Corner plot attract an additional 10% charge

g) Commercial plot attract an additional 20% charge

h) N.B: After the initial payment, you are expected to pay the balance monthly. Non -payment as at when due will be regarded as fundamental breach of agreement which can result to 5% monthly late charges and possibly relocation of the plot initially allocated to another plot within the estate(with same specifications) .

a) Survey Fee – ₦ 400, 000

b) Deed of Assignment Fee – ₦ 200, 000

c) Developmental Levy will be communicated later

(a) Survey and Deed of Assignment fees should be paid before physical allocation.
(b) Developmental Levy is to be paid within 3 months of the receipt of the deed of Assignment

It is the cost paid for the placement of Infrastructure within the estate.

a. Drainage Systems

b. Electricity/Electric Poles

c. Water Connection and Works

d. Sanitary Sewer works

e. Security Cams

f. street Lamp Poles

g. Access Roads

h. Interlocked Road network.

i. Recreational Facilities

j. Perimeter Fencing

A letter of acknowledgment (which acknowledges the payment made thus far), and receipt for the payment made.

Yes, the road to the estate is motor able.

Development timeline is between 6 months-3 years

Once payment for the plot of land has been made in full (inclusive of payment for the deed of Assignment and Survey Plan).

Construction can commence once development levy has been paid in full and the building plan approval has been sought and received from the appropriate authorities

Commencement of work upon the land is to take place within 6 months from the time of approval of the building plan

yes, the estate layout is in sections and you are limited to build houses on each section based on the designated use or plan for that section (commercial or residential) i.e. bungalow, blocks of flats, detached houses (duplex). Note, “face-me-I-face-you (tenement building), Shops Building Attached to Fence and high -rise houses will not be permitted. All building designs must conform to the required set back of building control of the estate and such design would be approved by the company and LSG afterwards.

Yes, a subscriber who has paid up on their land can resell their plot. However approval must be sought and granted by JULAZ PROPERTIES LTD. We would require the seller to furnish the company with details of the buyer

We strongly advise that cash payments should be made to JULAZ PROPERTIES COMPANY LTD at its designated banks. Otherwise, cheque (s) should be issued in favor of JULAZ PROPERTIES COMPANY LTD . We shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise, as result of deviation from the above instruction.

If the PURCHASER wishes to withdraw from this programme/contract of sale at any time:
a. To give a notice of 90 days, and 60days thereafter if the refund is not ready at the expiration of the first notice.
b. An administrative charge of 20% and 10% Agency fee shall be deducted,

Yes, a refund can be made, however the refund will be the made in full (less 30% administrative charges). A 3 month period would be allowed the vendor to process the payment. Also note that the refund will be made only after such plot has been resold

Yes, however payment for each survey (per plot) will be made in accordance with the number of plots purchased.

The annual service charge is a fee made by subscribers to the estate, at the beginning of each year, which takes care of the general maintenance of the estate

  • Payment for Land
  • Payment for Survey and Documentation
  • Physical Allocation of plot(s) and issuance of allocation letter
  • Collect Survey
  • Collect Deed
  • Collect Estate Guidelines
  • Pay Development Levy
  • Search for Properties

    ₦ 0 to ₦ 150,000,000

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